Company Information

ICON's Mission Statement :

ICON is a team of talented, experienced, ethical and dedicated individuals with a commitment to providing our customers with products and services that create extraordinary levels of satisfaction.


The Story of ICON :

ICON Shelter Systems, Inc. was started in 2004 by four former employees of the best known name in shelters. Realizing that the best known name does not always deliver the best design, best product or best service, we formed ICON to offer our customers more than we were able to working for someone else. At ICON, we believe in leadership by innovation. Early on, we knew it would take something extra to stand out in a market dominated by companies with long track records. We knew success would be based on a commitment to being the best at what we do, and on finding new ideas, new products, and new processes to achieve that goal. In the ten years since its inception, ICON has achieved a long list of firsts in the industry.

1.       First to offer one foot incremental sizing and pricing - 2004

2.       First to offer shelters in an architectural motif – Craftsman Series™ 2005

3.       First to offer pedestrian bridges – Washington Park, Springfield, IL 2005

4.       First to offer clock towers – Gainesville State College 2006

5.       First to offer modular simulated stone column bases - I-Rock 2006

6.       First to offer ISO certified powder coat finish for steel components – 2008

7.       First to offer a complete line of transportation shelters – En Route™ Passenger Shelters 2008

8.       First to offer live roof shelters - LiveShade™ 2009

9.       First to offer a line specifically for the development of trails – Trail Series™ 2012

10.   First to offer two-story shelters – Vista Series™ Shelters 2013

Our success the past ten years has been built on the trust of customers or design professionals like yourself who turned to ICON to make their concepts a reality. We’d like to give you the opportunity to be pleased with our service. 

Why ICON? :

The advantage to you working with ICON is in their sophistication - Education and Experience precede intelligent design.

I.    ICON is the most talented and capable group of people in the business of designing, engineering, and fabricating steel shelters. The strength of ICON’s Owner Management Team is in their education and experience. 

A.    Education  – All four ICON owner/managers have bachelors degrees; three of the four have post-graduate degrees.

B.       Experience – The owner/managers of ICON have a combined 75 years of experience in the design, engineering and fabrication of outdoor steel recreational structures.

1.       David Dayton, PE, President – 17 years in the shelter industry; previously engineering manager at Butler Building Systems

2.      Tim Postma, VP Finance – 17 years in the shelter industry

3.       Ellen Fisher, VP Purchasing and Manufacturing – 17 years in the shelter industry

4.      Richard Lubbers, VP Marketing and Design – 25 years in the shelter industry

II.   Industry's Toughest Steel Finish - As stated above, ICON's powder coating steel finish is ISO certified - it is the strongest in the industry.

A.       More steps in steel preparation than  any competitor

B.      More coverage in prime coating than any competitor due to submersion

C.   Thicker final powder coat finish than any competitor because of double coating.

III.  Superior Design - ICON design engineers have fine-tuned each connection for maximum strength through years of experience in the steel buling industry learning what works best.

IV.   Customer-Centric Philosophy - From intitial design, through engineering and fabrication, to delivery, following through on our commitment to our customers is the priority of every ICON employee.

A.   Professional Design Consultation - Having trouble coming up with the appropriate design for your project? ICON design and engineering personnel are available to dialogue with you via phone, WebEx or Facetime to discuss your design concepts, or help you come up with one. Have your local ICON sales representative assist you in setting up an appointment.

B.   Fastest engineering turn-around time – standard time for sealed engineering is two weeks, but we’ve done calculations and drawings in as little time as 24 hours!

C.    ICON is committed to the shortest lead times in the industry.

D.   Top-Priority warranty – ICON stands behind everything they make, and when something goes wrong on the job site, making sure you have the parts you need to complete the job takes precedence over work in progress. If we made a mistake, you have our undivided attention until it is made right.