Craftsman Octagon


Craftsman style architecture came out of the 19th century English arts and crafts movement, which emphasized the importance of craftsmanship and high standards of design. ICON responded to a request by an architectural firm in southern California to design a series of shelters that matched the Craftsman style architecture of homes in adjacent neighborhoods.
This series of shelters is the response to that request. Hexagons, Octagons, Squares, Gable Rectangles, Barrel Vaults and Dutch-Hip Rectangles are available in a variety of sizes, with numerous options for column design, ornamental rails and architectural detailing.
Craftsman Series™ octagonal shelters are available in 1’ increments from 16’ to 72’, with pricing relative to size. The shelter size represents the diameter of the circle that touches all outer points of the roof. All structures are engineered to meet local building codes.

The standard roof pitch is 4:12. Roof deck: 24 ga. Steel Panel, 24 ga. Steel Standing Seam, 2x6 Tongue & Groove or Structural Wood Panel Roofing materials: 24 ga. Steel Panels, 24 ga. Steel Standing Seam, Asphalt Shingles or Cedar Shingles Two-Tier Clerestory Roof Configuration: All Sizes See options and accessories pages for available upgrades.