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What Is A Blog For? Richard Lubbers







Ever since I first became aware of blogs, I've been curious about what it's like to write one. I tend to be naturally verbose, so it seemed that I would take to this like a dog to a squirrel. But to tell you the truth, I shied away from it for any number of excuses. Like time. Hey, we're all busy. Or wondering if anyone would read it. You are! Will I run out of things to say? Never happened before.

I believe that the biggest step in any new accomplishment is overcoming inertia. Back in my school days, someone said the hardest part of writing a speech is putting the paper into the typewriter (remember those?). I have a motivational magnet on the file cabinet that says, "Whatever you can do, or whatever you can dream you can, begin it! Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." So, here goes.

Obviously you're here because you have some interest in shelters. And there is plenty of information on this site about those, and some other cool stuff too. But why are you reading a blog? Why not just find what information you're looking for and leave? After all, you're busy too.

Maybe you're hoping to find out a little bit about the people who think it's fun to cut up steel, wood and fabric, and turn those materials into something as ethereal as a shadow (Isn't that what shade is? The shadow of something between the sun and the ground? We're the thing between the sun and the ground, making a shadow). We are a mixed bag, for sure; talented fabricators, intelligent programmers, educated engineers, and a verbose marketing dude. We have diverse talents, different levels of education, and a world of experience combining to accomplish one thing. Making shadows.

Some of our people like to jump out of airplanes. Some like to ride very large animals. I like to put leaky things into deep water and see if I can avoid meeting Neptune. But as a team, we like creating something you can put in your park, school yard, or urban square, and feel good about doing so because it looks cool and creates a really nice shadow others call shade.

So here, from time-to-time, someone in this eclectic bunch will have something to say about our work, our processes or our people. It might be an article about a project. Or it could be an answer to a question someone raises in the comment box below. In a week, my rep relations manager and I are heading out for Sacramento, California to attend the CPRS exhibit hall activities. We're getting there by rolling rubber on pavement. Along the way we're stopping to learn more about some of the people who do such a good job representing us. We'll likely stop periodically for a stogie in some cigar lounge. There may even be pictures.

So I hope you come back to see what we're up to. You never know what you'll find.

And maybe I'll find out what a blog is for.