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Connection in a 4G World Richard Lubbers


Smart phones and 4G networks have made it easy to contact friends, relatives and business associates.  Social media provides a place on the internet to post photos, links and comments visible to anyone you choose. These technologies have improved our opportunity to communicate, but they do not necessarily connect us. In social media, it is possible to have hundreds of friends. But as people, we need to connect with each other face-to-face. That is why parks and recreation are still vital to us.

ICON Shelter Systems Inc. has been in the business of providing places to connect for fifteen years. Our shelters, gazebos, pavilions and arbors have become gathering places in hundreds of parks nation-wide for recreation, relaxation and social interaction.

A gazebo under the palm trees is an invitation to solitary relaxation, a place to sit and talk with a friend, or a lunch room where co-workers eat and tell jokes away from the busyness of the office.

A shelter in a dog park provides shade for over-heated doggies and their human counterparts, and provide a gathering place for friends, canine and otherwise.

A softball complex is a place where people gather for the purpose of exercise, fun and social interaction. It’s a lot more fun to watch your son or daughter hit a home run over the fence than it is to watch them reach the next level in a video game. It’s also easier to watch that hit without the sun beating down on you.

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Parks and recreation provide opportunities for us to stay connected, be active and healthy, and experience time together where we build memories.  ICON shelters, gazebos, pavilions and arbors create the sense of place where these experiences happen.  They are the Infrastructure of Fun.

In a time of diminished budgets, they are also a good value. Products that are well designed, expertly fabricated and durably finished can provide longer lasting service with lower maintenance costs. ICON personnel have combined experience of over 75 years in the design, engineering and detailing of steel framed park structures. Certified welders build the components of each shelter under the stringent quality assurance program used to gain approved fabricator status for cities such as Houston, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada. The steel frame finish system provides the thickest coating of liquid epoxy primer and graffiti-resistant TGIC powder coat in the industry.

Facilities that are well designed provide opportunities for residents and guests to enjoy recreational activities that enrich the quality of life. The way you build them makes a difference.