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2019 ICON Bomb Cyclone Tour Richard Lubbers


On Tuesday morning, Jim VanDyke and I headed out pulling a trailer loaded with two shelters to exhibit at the California Parks and Recreation Society Annual Conference and Trade Show in Sacramento, CA. Our spirits were high as the sun shone brightly and the roads were clear. We planned to stop in Blue Mounds, WI that afternoon to visit with our Wisconsin rep firm, Gerber Leisure Products, and in Minneapolis the next morning to meet with Webber Recreational Design, our Minnesota reps. The meeting in Wisconsin got cancelled due to a scheduling problem, but they are close enough for us to make another trip. We continued on to Rochester, MN where we stayed the night. 

Early the next morning I got news of a severe weather system developing in the western and mid-western states. The Weather Channel was calling it a "bomb cyclone". That did not sound good. At any rate, we headed to our breakfast meeting with Jay and Nick. It was raining with low winds.

We traversed southern Minnesota on I 90, and made it to Sioux Falls, SD, where we took our first of many stogie stops at Stogeez Cigar Lounge and Bar. It was a nice interlude, but the locals there told us we were not going to make it much farther due to the developing storm. In Sioux Falls, they were dealing with severe rains and flooding. But pictures of western South Dakota showed a strong blizzard. We also heard I90 was closed beyond Chamberlain. We drove the hour west to Mitchell and checked into our hotel.

Wednesday morning brought snow and high winds, with most of I 90 closed. Since we are pulling a 20' trailer with a building that rises 13' off the ground, travel was out of the question. Wind gusts are up to 60 mph. Our truck would be like a rag being shook in a dog's mouth. 

Hopefully we'll be able to head out tomorrow and get into Wyoming. Things are looking clearer there. However, it's the miles between this place and Casper, Wyoming that impede our trip.

Stay tuned for our further adventures on the 2019 ICON Bomb Cyclone Tour.