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Bomb Cyclone Mis-Adventures Richard Lubbers


As you may recall, I promised photos and stories from the trip out to California and back. In the previous post I described the Bomb Cyclone that held us up in Mitchell, South Dakota.

 What happened next was a Bomb Cyclone in my chest.

 We made it to Sacramento in time for the California Parks and Recreation Society Annual Conference and Trade Show, which went great! CRPS

However, what started as a simple cold took on additional complexities, and by the time we got home on March 29, I had a full-blown case of strep throat. If any of you have ever toughed that one out, you know it can be a monster.

 So my plan to blog through this western trip turned into a slog through daily activities until I got home. 

 I missed the Pennsylvania state show the following week, which found me in bed for days on end. Jim handled it well with our Eastern PA sales reps, Patty Tumminello and Jaye Joyce from Ben Shaffer Recreation and the guys from our western PA sales reps, Jeffrey Associates.

 Finally, after a month of sore throats and wheezing, I was well enough to travel again, and Jim and I headed to the Parks and Recreation Summit in Rockwall, Texas. A temperature of 90 degrees met us as we deplaned. A welcome change from the Michigan extended winter plan.

 Jim heads back to Texas next week for that state's ASLA conference, and we will have sporadic travels to meet with some of the people we talked to at the P&R Summit. Then a western Canada and northwestern US rep visit trip sometime this summer. I'm looking forward to travel sans fever and Bomb Cyclone.

 Stay tuned.