Apr. 18, 2022 | Mackinac Island, MI

Mission Point Promenade Deck, Custom Design

Nestled along the shore of Lake Huron, Mission Point Resort is a summertime destination for many. Part of their recent renovation involved commissioning a fabric pavilion to create an all-weather spot on their promenade deck.

This shelter is 60’ square steel and fabric, overlooking the Straits of Mackinac Island. Materials were delivered in typical Mackinac fashion via horse, and now the shelter rests proudly as a protected space for outdoor activities and events at the resort.

Mission Point Resort Promenade Deck, Mackinac Island, MI

Mission Point-1

Design: ProgressiveIAE

Developer: Mission Point Resort

Sales Representative- Penchura

Photography- Ashley Slater Photography

Promenade Deck (1)-1


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