Jul. 24, 2023 | San Diego, CA

Tecolote Shores Park, Custom Design

For the Tecolote Shores Park project, it was necessary to ensure that the new structure blended well with the existing playground. To achieve this, we used the colors found on the playground in the custom laser cut panels. This shelter allows for a shady place to hang out while also giving a distinctive shadow on the ground below. The outcome was a visually cohesive structure that blended in seamlessly with the playground's surroundings.

BH_Emma Darnell - 0012

This shelter encompasses a unique shape, location-inspired pattern for the laser cut panels, custom RAL colors to pop compared to the white frame.

Reference Number: 6926

Design: Schmidt Design Group

Sales Representative: Unique Recreation

BH_Emma Darnell - 0029



BH_Emma Darnell - 0018


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