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St. Joseph's Hospital

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St. Joseph's Hospital

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Explore our latest addition in Toronto, Ontario – a Dutch Hip shelter that seamlessly combines craftsmanship and innovation. Boasting quad columns, simulated leaded glass ornamentation, and strategically placed windscreens, this shelter is a testament to thoughtful design. What sets it apart is the personalized touch with a uniquely named pavilion, adding a special charm to this architectural gem. 

Lower MB

Tecolote Shores Park

Tecolote Shores Park

Custom Design

San Diego, CA

Old Town Plaza_Smaller File

Elk Grove’s Old Town Plaza

Elk Grove's Old Town Plaza


Elk Grove, CA


Empire Sportsplex

Empire Sportsplex

Custom Integrated Benches

Welland, ON

Cedar Park 3

Lakeline Park

Lakeline Park

Custom Pavilion

Cedar Park, TX


Centennial Commons Downtown Park

The Red Oak leaf served as a captivating muse for the Royal Oak Public Library's newest terrace. Collaborating with ICON and a dynamic design task force, the result is a vibrant space where lime green arcs swirl overhead, creating a mesmerizing canopy. Illuminated by up lighting after sunset, the terrace invites library patrons to escape, gather, and relish the outdoors. Plan your visit and immerse yourself in this perfect oasis.


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